About Us

The COMS Guild

The COMS Guild (Communication Studies Student Association) is committed to enhancing the academic and social experience of students in the Communication Studies Department at Concordia University. They keep students informed of internship and employment opportunities, as well as of related community, social and academic events.

Their door is always open and students are invited to take full advantage of the office, which is complete with couches, a mini kitchen and a computer. Some of the COMS Guild’s most recent initiatives are a Q&A session for first-year students, the start of the implementation of vermicomposting in the office, and coordinating Halloween for Hunger, with all donations going to the NDG food bank.

The Guild is also very proud to participate in coordinating PRODFEST (the year-end production festival). For the 2010-2011 academic year, the COMS Guild was honored with the Arts & Science Federation of Association (ASFA) award for Best Contribution to Student Life.

The COMS Guild currently consists of 6 members:

Last Name, First Name Position
Pacheco, Kevin CO-President
Tousignant, Renee CO-President
Thagard, Jasmine VP Internal/External
MacMillan, Pamela VP Social Affairs
Bruyere, Jeansil VP Finance
Argyrakos, Angeliki Secretary

Every year, the COMS Guild hosts a bi-election in the fall to elect 2 First Year Representatives from each section of Communication Studies. The representative’s role is to be a voice for the 1st year students by informing them of COMS Guild related events, answering any questions and by reporting to the current COMS Guild. If you are interested in running for this position please contact the COMS Guild.

The COMS Guild hosts weekly meetings every Wednesday at 7:00 PM in their office located in CJ 1.117. All meetings are open and students are always welcome to attend.